Collect the Debts You’re Owed

Engage is a communication platform that brings ready-to-pay consumers right to you. Thousands of consumers have already resolved their debts with Engage. See why here.

If you are an individual looking to pay off your debts, Engage can help you through the process. Learn more here.

Engage Collector Dashboard

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Improve Collections

Engage consumers are proactive, motivated to pay, and more likely to follow through on payments.

Use Engage to bolster your digital channels without changing your existing call strategy.


Supercharge Your Operations

Receive and respond to incoming offers right in your Engage dashboard.

Increase efficiency by reducing the volume of inbound calls, letters, and emails.

Reduce Your Compliance Risk

Consumers opt in to use Engage and agree to Terms of Service that provide extra protection to collection agencies on Engage.

Agents can respond to offers and negotiate with consumers using pre-set options, reducing the risk of complaints and off-script responses.


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