Do you have a debt with Credit Collection Services?

  • Tell Credit Collection Services what you can afford with just a few clicks and set up a payment plan
  • Request payment extensions if you’re unable to pay
  • File a dispute with Credit Collection Services if you don't recognize it
  • Stop collection calls from Credit Collection Services
  • Pull debts from your credit report to understand what you owe

Build payment offers that fit within your budget without even picking up the phone

Engage helps you determine affordable payment plans and tells you the likelihood of them being accepted by Credit Collection Services.

Engage also gives you tools to stop collection calls and investigate debts you don’t recognize

Know your rights: you can send out requests to creditors to stop calling you. You can dispute debts you don’t recognize to clarify why a debt is owed.


Just because you’re not tracking it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

It’s time to take control. Time to stop ignoring phone calls, stop ripping up letters, and deleting emails. There’s multiple ways to take care of your debt once and for all when you use Engage.

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Investigate debts you don't recognize
Stop collections calls
Consult our experts at every step


"Thank you for helping me stop calls and resolve my debts. Through your efforts, I made agreements to have all of my debts paid in a few months."

Engage user since Aug 2019

"It's a lot more simple and straightforward than I expected. You can't deal with collectors on your own. Before, they wouldn't even talk to me. They harassed me. You stopped everything - stopped the calls, and set up payments. They are fine to work with now since you got involved. What I've seen you doing, it's the first thing I've ever seen like it."

Engage user since Oct 2019

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